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For the past two months, we’ve fed our chickens (both full grown + baby chicks) Manna Pro’s new Non-GMO Chicken Feed.  We’ve learned that our chicks are pretty picky about their food and treats, so when Manna Pro initially reached out and asked us to introduce our girls to their new line, we started researching the details.  
We found out that Manna Pro has been around since 1985 and their company is comprised of animal lovers – their main goal is happy, healthy pets and providing them with nutritionally, wholesome feeds at every stage of life.  
The Non-GMO line consists of three different feeds for your flock:
1. / Layer Mini Pellet, perfect for our flock of mixed breed hens.
– No Artificial Colors or Flavors
– Soy + Wheat Free 
– With Calcium + Marigold to Support Strong, Vibrant Eggs
– Non-GMO Verified
– Great for Chickens, Ducks, and Geese
2. / Chick Starter & Grower, solely for raising our new littles.
– No Artificial Colors or Flavors
– Non-Medicated
– With Antioxidants + Probiotics to Support Immune Health and Digestion
– Non-GMO Verified
– Great for Chicks, Ducks, and Goslings
3. / 6 Grain & Flaxseed Scratch, their favorite treat to end the day.
– No Artificial Colors or Flavors
– Encourages Natural Foraging
– 6 Grain Mix with Added Flaxseed
– Non-GMO Verified
– Great for Chickens, Ducks, and Geese
From the first time we introduced our chicks to the Non-GMO feed, they absolutely loved it.  Especially the scratch!  Sometimes we mix it into their food, other times we sit a bowl full of it in their coop at the end of the day and they go nuts over it.  If you have a flock of your own, Manna Pro can be found at Amazon, Tractor Supply, and other local Feed + Seed stores.  They also have feed for other animals such as horses, cattle, rabbits, goats, dogs, and cats.  Be sure to check out their website for more information on the brand!  And if you’re a backyard chicken owner, go follow their instagram page, @CityYolks for fun and helpful chicken content!
Trust us – you’ll feel great about giving your backyard birds the best possible ingredients + nutrients that will allow them to live long, healthy lives.  And in our case, better, fresh eggs!
Thanks so much for stopping by, X.
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