Over the last few months, I’ve been pretty open about dealing with anxiety and focusing on channeling those feelings into something positive.  I’ve tried to be intentional about breaking down what overwhelms me most and makes me lose sleep at night, and not invite those things into my daily life or allow them to steal my peace.  I’m a big believer in talking through things in order to move past them and even sharing some of my feelings on here and with you, helped me so much.  You all were so kind, so understanding, and reminded me that anxiety is something that a lot of us deal with on a daily basis.  Out of any and every amazing collaboration, partnership, or trip – my favorite thing that will ever come out of this space is the community we’ve cultivated over the last seven years.  Diving deeper with you and connecting on a

After writing about my anxiety, a CBD company called Equilibria reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their products.  I immediately clicked on their website to learn more about what CBD even is, who Equilibria is, and how it could potentially help me.

Equilibria is created by women, for women.  The two founders, Marcy and Coco, created the brand after trying CBD themselves and realizing how much it changed their own lives when it came to inflammation, chronic pain, and yes – anxiety.  Equilibria is organically grown on an 1,100 acre farm in Colorado and delivered right to your doorstep.  No fluff, no fillers, no middle man.

I had definitely heard of CBD and how it’s helped a few people I know, but I wanted to really understand what it is and how it could potentially help me.  Equilibria says it best on their website:

“CBD is a natural ingredient found within industrial hemp flowers.  It’s clinically proven to impact mental and physical well-being, when taken properly and consistently.  And yes, CBD is completely safe and legal in all 50 states.  It’s a powerful health agent, but there is no discernible impairment (no high!).”

To read more about their process and how their product goes from Farm to Home, click here.

Equilibria consists of three products that all work together, but in different ways and for different reasons – soft gels, drops, and relief cream.  Most people use them for consistent sleep, mood + anxiety, decreased inflammation, chronic pain relief, surgical recovery, and more.  The best part about Equilibria is they want to make sure you are taking the products correctly.  They have a clinical support team dedicated to educating you on their products and helping you find your correct dose and routine.

After receiving my box, I turned to the relief cream first.  For me, it felt like the best way to ease into trying the products.  It sounds silly, but in the south, the bugs are no joke here in the summer, and I usually have mosquito bites all over me from being in the yard constantly.  I decided to forgo my normal anti-itch cream and try the relief cream – it worked like a charm.  Not only did it stop the itching/irritation, it actually helped the bite go away much faster.  Aside from that, J has used it on sore muscles and I have put a little on my temples to combat a headache.  It really is amazing!  After that, I decided to use 1/2 a drop of the daily drops under my tongue before bed to see how it would effect my sleep.  Whereas I would normally take a sleeping pill like Melatonin to assist in getting a good nights sleep occasionally, the drops did the same thing for me, but in a more natural way.  When it comes to the soft gels and the drops, I think taking the correct dosage and taking it consistently makes all the difference.

Equilibria starts with three different boxes based on your needs and can be purchased as a one-time order or a subscription and free shipping, always.  You can also purchase the items one-by-one if you already know your CBD routine.  If you’re interested in learning more about the brand, the founders, the products, or their health benefits, be sure to head over to their website or hop on a call with their support team.  They’re here to help and want to educate all of us on the natural benefits of CBD and how it can change your life!

I hope you’re all having a good week so far!  I’m just starting to feel like a normal human-being again today after traveling and jet lag!  My trip to the Maldives was so amazing and I loved sharing it with you.  It was by far, the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.  As most of you know, I’m a beach girl through and through, so living in a swim suit with wet hair all week was quite literally my best life.  I’ll be sharing more about my trip on here next week (and a lot more photos, too!), but for now, I’m grateful to be back at home and getting back to my daily routine – pups and chicks by my side!  Oh, and although I’ve been a little MIA last week and this week while traveling, it’s also because we’re transitioning into shooting Fall content and kicked this week off on the best possible note!  We’ll be in full Fall mode starting next week and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Have a great weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!  XX.


Thanks to Equilibria for partnering on this post!  All opinions are my own.

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