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A few weeks ago, J and I took off for a much needed vacation.  Other than busy cities like Chicago + New York, we hadn’t taken a trip just the two of us in over 5 years.  We wanted a quiet beach, endless food + cocktails, and an early bedtime.  This is 30, huh?  A couple of years ago, I went to the Fairmont Mayakoba on a work trip with about 15 other influencers and LOVED it.  It was such a beautiful place and the only thing missing with J.  When it came time to get something on the calendar for this year, I was dying to get back to Mayakoba – this time just the two of us.  We’re a perfect example of allowing life to get too crazy, usually traveling separately when we have to for work, booking fun trips with family + friends, but we truly believe one-on-one time away is so important.  You just have to be intentional about making the time for it.  We were reminded of that on this trip and are so grateful for the opportunity to get away for a few days.  No chores, no responsibilities, no errands.  Just us.

From the moment we landed in Mexico, the Fairmont started to exceed our expectations.  We ran out of the airport as fast as we could, so anxious to get to the resort.  The Fairmont Mayakoba lined up our transportation – met us at the door with our names on a sign, a cold washcloth, and a bottle of water.  A quick 45 minutes later, we arrived in paradise!

My favorite thing about Fairmont Mayakoba has to be the property.  It’s covered in lush greens, the sounds of birds chirping, and a lagoon that runs throughout the entire property (you can take a gondola ride through the lagoon!).  The neutral forest and lagoons are perfectly woven together with the Caribbean to create a destination that’s breathtaking.  You instantly feel like you’re away from the world.  You can walk or bike around the property, but they also have a golf cart shuttle service to take you from place to place.  And you know I’m a golf cart girl!  There are huts all throughout the resort where golf carts come by every 5 minutes (or less) and I love it.  Let’s be honest, after the nachos and a few Viva Zapatas (my favorite cocktail on the menu, pictured below), this girl isn’t walking anywhere!  From your room, the beach, the pools, or the restaurants – they’ll take you wherever you want to go.
Although you feel like you’re in the middle of a jungle, the rooms are so luxurious!  Our suite had a King bed, a beautiful deck overlooking the lagoon, two closets, a huge bathroom, complete with a soaking tub – which you know speaks right to my soul.  Another one of my favorite things about the resort – they use Le Labo bath products!!  One of my favorite brands and feels like such a treat to use all week.  Since this was my second time at Farimont Mayakoba, it was so nice to know I didn’t have to pack my own bath + shower products, since what they offer is so amazing.  Just a helpful tip!
Aside from eating and drinking, we spent the majority of our week by the water.  J and I are both beach people – it’s soul healing for us.  The resort has tiki hut cabanas all along the beach and we loved having a shady spot to relax each day.  I’m more of a stay in the sun and tan all day kind of girl, but J loves his shade.  It’s ok, he’ll have better skin than me when we’re 80, without a doubt.  If you’re not into laying around all day, Fairmont Mayakoba has all sorts of water activities for you to do.  Everything from paddle boarding to catamaran tours.  We took a catamaran out one day for a couple of hours and it was absolutely beautiful.  I live my best life on a boat and the clear water, sunshine, and breeze were added perks, for sure.  The Riviera Maya is actually the world’s second largest coral reef, so it’s the perfect place to snorkel or scuba dive.  J did both, I again, stayed in the sun!
Other than the beach, we spent the majority of our time at one of their ocean-front restaurants, Brisas.  Not only is the menu amazing, but the view of the water is stunning.  Right beside that restaurant is a full bar, where we inevidabely spent a lot of time, and got to know one of the bartenders, Juan.  He was so kind and taught us (mostly J) so much about local, Mexican tequila.  Aside from Brisas, the resort has 5 other restaurants, as well as room-service.  We tried all of them throughout our trip and loved each one for different reasons.  We chose to do the all-inclusive dining package so we could live our best lives and needless to say, we LIVED.  I came back 5 lbs heavier and with no regrets!!
If you’re not a beach person, the pools throughout the resort are INSANE.  They are huge, for starters, but also so luxurious.  Think fountains and waterfalls, swim-up bars and and even a waterslide for the kids!  (Trust me, I tried to get on that thing.)  We stopped by the pools a couple of times to take a dip or grab a drink and seriously, they’re beautiful.  There’s also an amazing spa on the property that has it’s own pool, hot tub, cafe, and shop.  We spent an entire morning there, got a couples massage, and lounged around in our robes for a bit.  I’m not really a spa girl myself (shocking, I know), but I had the best experience of any spa I’ve ever been to while in Mayakoba.  It’s a must!

After 5 days of sunshine, eating + drinking so well, sleeping in, and making the most of our time in Mexico, we left feeling so grateful for a few days away.  Thank you so much to the team + staff at Fairmont Mayakoba for taking such great care of us + giving us memories we’ll cherish forever.  If you’re looking for a place to sneak away to with your spouse or family, Fairmont Mayakoba needs to be at the top of your list!  I know it sometimes feels hard to leave town, get the time away from work, or spend the money, but I promise you – it’s so worth it.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!



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Jennifer Howard

One of the few places my husband and I go back to year after year. The spa, the adult pool, the beach, the restaurants, the service, the suites…everything is all top notch. We’ve tried restaurants at the other Mayakoba properties too and think the food at the Fairmont is the best by the way!


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