‘Tis the season for longer days – happy hours on the porch, grilling dinner in the backyard, and endless hosting!  We love this time of year so much.  Everything is blooming and we officially start living outside more than we do in.
Usually, we’re the hosts here at @thelovelycottage, because we love gathering people around our table, but we also love a good night in with our friends + family at their homes.  Whether it’s an easy happy hour with girlfriends or a dinner outside under the stars, I always love taking a little hostess gift.  In my opinion, it falls under the list of things that’s easily overlooked these days.  Like a handwritten card, for example.  It’s something that’s so kind + thoughtful and really shows your appreciation for the person who has inevitably put in a lot of work to make the gathering happen.  Also, it doesn’t have to be something that you have to run out and get same day or something that breaks the bank.  I always choose my gift based on the season, but most of these are easy to switch out based on the time of year.  Here are my five hostess gift ideas for Spring!
This is always one of my favorite things to gift and receive!  I like to write a little note in the front cover and love that it doubles as decor.  For Spring, I always go with books about florals – this is my favorite and this one is a really close second.  Or, there’s always chickens!  Whatever your friend or family loves most – you can’t go wrong with a good coffee table book.
Rather than just grabbing a random candle at your local store, stock up on a few of your favorites in a smaller size.  We have an entire shelf in our guest bath closet full of these minis!  They’re perfect for pulling out and adding to a bigger gift or giving as a hostess gift.  My favorite is the Baies, but they all smell amazing.  Plus, already having the gift to simply pull out and wrap up is so much easier than having to grab something the day of.
Pretty much a given, right?  However, you can be a bit more creative here.  Rather than just picking up a pre-made bouquet, find a florist shop that allows you to make your own, stem by stem.  We have a small, family owned florist up the street where I do this often and it’s so much more personal.  Or, since everything is blooming so beautifully this time of year, opt for a plant instead!  Something your friends or family can plant in the ground and watch come back year after year is so special and often times, not much more than a pretty bouquet.
Another thing I stock up on every time I find a good one!  I have a thing for kitchen accessories in general, but especially a good linen.  I just found these on Etsy, straight from Greece, and they are so beautiful.  100% linen and a great price point, too.  You have beautiful linens everywhere else – why not have them in the kitchen, too!
What’s better than opening a bottle of rosè on a pretty Spring day, am I right?  Typically the host already has the bar menu planned, but it’s so nice to give something they can enjoy later.  Our favorites to gift are Miraval, Summer Water, and Whispering Angel.
Last, but not least, a couple of things you can keep in your closet to make the grab-and-go process a bit easier – a roll of twine and a roll of craft paper.  Perfect for making the presentation even sweeter!
Hope you’re all having a beautiful week so far and thanks so much for stopping by!  X.

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