I hope you all had a great week!  I’m so excited to be partnering with eBay today to share an easy + quick guide on how to shop for authentic designer handbags on eBay.  If you’re anything like me, sometimes purchasing pre-owned luxury pieces can be a bit intimidating.  Before this experience with eBay, I was nervous to pull the trigger, not knowing exactly what to look for to ensure quality and authenticity.  The good news – eBay has already done all of the work for us!
eBay Authenticate is a program designed to make you feel comfortable + confident when buying luxury items through their website – particularly designer handbags.  eBay has sourced their very own  industry experts, who carefully verify everything from the seller to the authenticity of the item, so  you can shop with complete confidence that you’re getting the real deal.  
Whether it’s a handbag that you’ve had your eye on for months and can’t justify paying retail for it brand new or one that you just couldn’t get your hands on before it was sold out, shopping with eBay is so easy.

1. / Simply head over to the eBay Authenticated Luxury Handbag shop.
2. / Sort by designer and/or price.
3./ Look for the “verified authentic”blue check mark.
4./ Order the handbag of you’ve been waiting on!
That’s it!
Last time J and I were in DC, I went to Dior and had my eye on this particular handbag in either black or blush.  I knew I couldn’t go wrong either way, but ultimately decided to hold off.  After returning home and not being able to get the bag off my mind for the last couple of months, I went to eBay and searched under the Authenticated Luxury Handbag section.  Much to my surprise, the Dior black handbag was right in front of me, in great condition, and a fraction of the cost!  I placed my order, had the bag on my doorstep within a few days, and received the authenticity cards from eBay letting me know the bag was double checked and verified authentic by an expert in the industry.  I couldn’t be happier about my decision – this beaut will fit right in!

Lastly, for future reference – you can simply type in into your browser for easy shopping!

Thanks so much for stopping by, X.
Thank you to eBay for partnering on this post – all opinions are my own!


Eve Slaughter

Thanks for posting. Finding and purchasing your dream luxe-brand bag on consignment is, no doubt, the world's best treasure hut! But making sure what you purchased is the real deal can keep you up at night. I had no idea that Ebay authenticates its merchandise! The Real Real has some competition now. I'll be checking out Ebay 🙂


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