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The older I get, the more I’ve become such a homebody.  For the last four or so years, we’ve traveled and explored endlessly, and loved every second of it.  When we moved into @thelovelycottage, something inside of us changed.  In an instant, we were so content.  We were cooking in each night, working on house projects every weekend, and for the first time in a long time, our hearts were so unbelievably fulfilled.  Needless to say, over the last two years, we’ve become very selective about what pulls us away from home.  However, once you step away from the responsibilities of a house that needs cleaning, running endless errands, and a to-do list a mile long, you quickly realize what you didn’t know you needed – a weekend away.  Where the plans are cancelled, the days seem longer, and soul is revitalized.  That’s what this weekend in Reynolds was for us.
We took off early Thursday morning with bags packed and friends by our side, headed straight for The Ritz Carlton Reynolds on Lake Oconee.  This was our forth time returning to the property, so we knew exactly what was in store for us – a pool that meets the lake, a spa appointment that was calling our names, and delicious food that we didn’t have to cook – all weekend long.  This time, we stayed in one of the cottages by the lake and it was beyond perfect.  A huge living room with a fireplace, a big king bed to end the day in, a bathtub to soak in, and a back porch overlooking the water that we started each day on, coffee in hand.  Our cottage was a two-bedroom, and our friends, Paula + Ron, who came with us for the weekend, had their own setup on the other side.  Their own living area, bedroom + bathroom, and wet bar.  It was so nice to all stay together in the same house, but not feel like we were on top of each other.  The cottages are right beside the hotel and still in walking distance to all of the amenities, but secluded enough to where to feel a bit off the beaten path.  It made us feel right at home. 
First things first, we always head right to the water.  Reynolds has a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the lake/beach area and it’s most definitely where we lived throughout the weekend.  It backs up to Gaby’s, one of the on-site restaurants, where the cocktails are endless and the lobster grilled cheese is a must.  Without a doubt, the perfect spot to relax and completely forget about that to-do list back at home.
The weather was absolutely perfect and as much as we loved being by the water, we were itching to be on the water.  Let me just say, Meg Run lives her best life on a boat.  Young Harris Water Sports took us out on the lake Friday and Saturday and we all loved every second of it.  Ron was the brave one a went wake surfing for the first time, J was the photographer/boat driver when needed, and P and I did absolutely nothing but soak up the sun and sing along to the country music that was blaring.  Again – best life.
In-between dips in the pool and taking the boat out, we ate some amazing food.  Gaby’s for starters, but also at another one of our favorite on-site restaurants, Linger Longer Steakhouse.  Everything from Lobster Risotto and Bacon-on-a-Wire (yeah, look that up) for appetizers, to Filets topped with Truffle Butter and more sides than I could count, our table was FULL.  We indulged in all of it and just when we thought we had no more room for dessert, the waitress walks out with their signature cotton-candy to end on the best possible note.  From start to finish, Linger Longer is always such a treat and a MUST when visiting Reynolds.
Three days of absolute bliss and another trip to Reynolds for the books.  As much as we love our own little cottage, escaping to another one by the lake for a few days was exactly what we needed.  By now, this place feels like one of our favorite home away from homes, and we can’t wait for trip number five. 
Plane Outfit: VICI c/o
Swimsuits: ONE | TWO | THREE | FOUR | FIVE
Dinner Outfit: N12H | HANDBAG | SHOESLIPS {heat wave}
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