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 Fall is always one of my favorite times of year to decorate our home!  Fall colors out the window, leaves all over the ground, pumpkins lining the front porch, and homemade apple pie in the oven make for one super cozy scene around the house.  My sweet friend Kelly and I had the best time driving all over town to find the perfect {neutral} pumpkins (and someone really should’ve been recording us trying to load + unload them – a few of these are massive!!) to fill our front porch.  J and I love drinking our coffee on the porch each morning and this cozy set up makes that so much sweeter.  
It’s only November 8th, but Halloween is over and I already have the itch to start decorating for Christmas!!  What do you guys think – is it too soon?  We’re hosting Thanksgiving (for the second year in a row at the cottage!) so part of me wants to leave this as is, but I’m also so ready for live greenery and pretty lights!  Maybe next week…stay tuned!
I hope you’ve all had a great week so far!  I’m so sorry I’ve been a bit MIA – traveling always kicks my butt a bit.  I mentioned on instagram a few weeks ago that I had 7 trips before Thanksgiving and in the last month alone I’ve crossed off Charleston, LA, Nashville, and New York.  Just one more trip left this weekend and we’re home until Thanksgiving!  I love, love, love traveling, but there’s something about being home around the holidays that’s so special.  Anyway, life has been a bit crazy, but I’m excited to share a lot of fun, holiday content with you guys starting the next couple of weeks!
You guys are the best – thanks so much for reading!  XX.



This is really really pretty, not overdone but sooo festive! Haha, I know what you mean, I am already feeling the Christmas spirit as well! But seeing as you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, maybe you should keep up the fall decoration for a little bit longer? The colors really look sooo gorgeous!
xx Janine


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