Hi there, babes – 
I hope you all had a beautiful, three day weekend!  We were so happy to be at home, surrounded by friends + family, and a good bottle of rosè (or four).  But, before the holiday weekend is officially over and we’re back at the work week, I wanted to share a quick ‘five favorites’ with you!
NO. ONE // this straw tote  
I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect straw tote/ beach bag combo and just ordered this one yesterday!  I’m hoping it’s as oversized as it appears to be – it will be the perfect addition to my nothing-but-swimsuit wardrobe over the next few months.
NO. TWO // planting is cheaper than therapy
Ok, so maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but I have found so much peace lately in gardening.  Typically it’s something J and I spend our entire weekends doing together, which of course I love, but plant shopping + potting is so amazing solo, too.  I’ve decided it’s my new 4:00PM go-to.  When the work is done and the laptop is closed, it’s just what I need.
NO. THREE // one piece swimsuits
I’ve always been a fan of a chic one-piece, but lately I’m gravitating towards them more than a classic bikini.  Give me a pair of cut-offs to pair with and you have the perfect summertime outfit.  I just purchased this and this one!
NO. FOUR // exposed shelving
Finally, we found the perfect exposed shelves for our kitchen!  You may remember this post from a few months back when we added the kitchen island to our space, but I’ve been looking for shelves ever since!  I just ordered two of these, received them over the weekend and let me tell you – they’re amazing.  Perfectly rustic, perfectly cozy.  I’m going to style them this week, so stay tuned for the finished look soon!
NO. FIVE // eyebrow serum
Over the last year or so, I started using an eyelash serum by the same brand and loved the results I saw from it.  When I noticed there was also an eyebrow serum, I jumped on trying it, too!  I’ve been letting my eyebrows “grow out” since the new year and haven’t gotten them waxed once.  I want a more natural, wild look so I’m hoping that between the lack of grooming and this serum, I’ll be able to achieve that.  Have you guys tried either one?  I’d love to know!
Just a quick post for today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a full outfit post!  Also, do you guys still like the ‘random five things’ post like this?  Personally, I like how unique they are, but let me know your thoughts!
Thanks so much for stopping by, X.



love the quick 5 posts! I’ve been meaning to ask you where you shop for all of your plants. I’m in Greenville and Home Depot / Lowe’s has not been cutting it for me. I’d love a recommendation of the best spots!


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