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When it comes to beauty products, I’m loyal to a fault.  As much as I love to try a new product, when I find THE one I love, I stick with it.  In the past few months, I’ve added a few new make up + hair products into my daily routine that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So sit back, pour a glass of rosè, and read all details below!
1. Goop.  I’ve always been a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, but this line is uh-mazing.  I don’t typically require a cleanser, simply because I got used to removing my makeup with a wipe, but once I started using this, it was a game changer.  This cleanser removes dirt + makeup, all while reducing fine lines and wrinkles and leaving your skin glowing.  It also doesn’t have a fragrance, which I really love.  I’m telling you, this cleanser is a bit of an investment, but totally worth every penny!
2. Nude Lipstick.  You all know how much I love a perfect nude lip – it’s pretty much all I wear.  My favorite is Stripdown + Blankety because it’s so classic, but lately, I’ve been adding ‘Caramello’ layered on top.  It stays in place all day long, extending the normal wear of my lipstick, and has vitamin E in it, so it doesn’t dry out your lips.  This lipstick adds the perfect shine to any creamy lip!
3. #Blushing.  This Chanel Blush has been one of my favorites for almost a year and I can’t seem to get over it.  (And don’t want to.)  It adds the perfect amount of color to your cheek bones, while doubling as a sun-kissed bronzer.  ‘Golden Sun’ couldn’t be a more accurate name – it instantly gives you a pretty, golden glow!
4. Finishing Crème.  For the last several months, I’ve been embracing my natural wave and letting my hair air dry for the most part.  Before it dries completely, I use my T3 Hairdryer to scrunch the ends, giving my curl a little boost in the right direction.  Once it’s dry, I apply a dime size amount of finishing crème to the ends to help keep the curls in tact and cut down the frizz.  I’ve fallen in love with everything from this line and this one is no exception!
5. Hair Oil.  Like the Finishing Crème and Wave Spray, the hair oil has completely transformed my hair.  Not only does it protect your color from fading and from heat, it smoothes frizz and seals split ends.  I apply a few drops to my damp hair before drying for a high-gloss, super-smooth finish!
6. Moisturize.  If there’s one product I probably don’t even have to mention, it’s my OG La Mer Moisturizer.  It’s the one product I literally can’t live without (or leave out) – trust me, I’ve tried.  My skin is extremely dry year around, and there’s nothing that works miracles quite like La Mer.  I’ve tried every moisturizer under the sun, but always, always come back to this one product.  Once you try it, not only will you NOT regret it, but you won’t be able to use anything else – ever!
7. Contour.  I’ve used this kit on and off for a while now and realized that nothing compares to this one.  These six shades are perfect for highlighting, sculpting, and defining your features giving you the perfect, natural blend.  I use the Medium to Tan in the Summertime and absolutely love the flawless contour it gives me!
Trust me when I say that none of these products are sponsored in any way, just what I know and LOVE!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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