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I hope you all had a great, LONG Memorial Day Weekend!  As most of you probably know, I spent most of last week by the water in Mexico – aka, my happy place.  Let me just start by saying how STUNNING the Fairmont Mayakoba resort is.  Everything from the beautiful property and welcoming staff to the amazing restaurants and clear water was absolute perfection.  Myself, along with seven other girls, had the best time soaking up the rays, indulging in tacos + tequila, and getting in a little spa time.  Here’s a quick recap of my trip, more to come soon! 
The lifeguard stands on the property were one of my favorite things!  When I was younger, and while all of my classmates wanted to be doctors and police officers, I wanted to be a lifeguard.  Ambitious, right?  I always have and always will be happiest by the water, so hey, who knows – maybe there’s still time!  But seriously, I could come to work in this chic, little straw hut any day.

My all time favorite breakfast is pineapple and bacon.  Weird, right?  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve love the two together – a little sweet and a little salty.  Especially when the fruit is as fresh as it is in Mexico!  I lived my best life ordering this plate each day.  (Handbag is here.)
 { Dress | Hermès Sandals | Handbag | Sunglasses }
There’s something about being my the ocean that makes me lose sleep.  Most people take their best cat naps on the beach, but I’m always wide-eyed, like I don’t want to miss a second of it.  Late to go to bed and early to rise so that I can catch views like this one.  I woke up early each morning and headed straight to the water for a few deep breaths, a quiet stroll, and a little soul searching.  There’s nothing like it. 
Never met a piña colada I didn’t like.  Each restaurant had the most amazing food and drinks and we took full advantage!  This is the view from the beachside restaurant – nothing but straw cabanas and blue water for days.

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