Cardigan: BP {just ordered this one, too!} | Tank: Sincerely Jules {also really love this} | Denim: J Brand | Shoes: Valentino | Handbag: Chanel {also love this} | Watch: Michele | Bracelet Stack: David Yurman (hereherehere) | Sunglasses: Cèline | Rings: David Yurman {one + two} | Lips: MAC Liner ‘Stripdown’ + MAC Lipstick ‘Blankety’

TGIT, babes – 

It will be so much better saying that when Scandal is actually back on!  Anyway, I hope you’re all having a good week so far!  I’m not going to lie, this week has been tough.  Can we just move past the clothes + accessories for a second and talk about how hard adulting is?  We had another house offer fall through yesterday (aka, 30 minutes ago, as I write this and after I pulled myself together and decided to start working again.) and this is literally one of the most disheartening processes for us yet.  For the past seven years, our little house has been everything to us.  A place we look forward to coming home to each day, a place that we poured our heart and soul into making our own, and most importantly- our escape from the world.  And, I’m starting to wonder why we ever decided to mess that up?!  But, I know it’s time for a new chapter for us and I believe with my whole heart that what’s meant to be will always find a way.  It doesn’t mean that it’s always an easy process, because trust me it’s not, but I’m trying to remind myself of that daily.  I am relieved, however, to have a few days of peace while we take a break from letting the house search consume us.  So, in a nutshell – I should be writing about how much I love this outfit, but instead I’m talking about how I would REALLY love to punch adulting in the face.  Happy Holidays, right?  🙂 Sorry, I just really had to get all of that out! Cheers to the weekend on the horizon and may it be full of champagne and good vibes!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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We had, like, 30 offers turned down before we got our house, and it was by far the best one for us. I know it can be discouraging, but I believe that the right house always works out, one way or another. Keep your chin up, babe!

Beth Adams Mishoe

I understand how hard growing up can be. We are starting to build our forever home and it seems like things are coming up every other day. It can become discouraging so fast but I have to keep my head up. I tell myself when it's all over I will be so much happier that we did it and went through all the hard stuff! I bet you will feel the same once you find the perfect "new chapter" house! I pray that things work out sooner then later with selling the house.

I will also say that I love the olive cardigan!!!!



Selling a house is a pretty heart wrenching process for sure! We just went thru that a year ago with 2 kids and a dog disrupting our daily lives with over 150 showings nonshop! BUT, all of the stress was so worth it as our new home is absolutely perfect! Keep on keeping on and there will be that pot of gold in a home when you get over the hump! Good luck Megan!


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