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Hi there, lovelies – 
I hope you all had a great weekend!  I was in Chicago (not NYC, as my last post stated – photos were from NYC, but I was in Chicago and my brain was a little off apparently!) for the past 6 days and had SO much fun!  My best friend, McKenna, and I were there for the first 3 days together, and then our husbands flew up on Friday and spent a long weekend with us.  We ate way too much food,  celebrated life with every clink of a glass, explored the city by boat-hopping, and laughed so. much.  All of that to say, it was a pretty perfect week in the Windy City! 
Now that we are a couple of weeks into Fall, I feel like my closet is full of staple pieces that I’m obsessed with!  I’m constantly gravitating towards menswear-style shoes (how amazing are these loafers I just got?!), cut-out sweaters, layering with camo (the perfect neutrals), and anything and everything I can wear a bralette with.  As most of you know, I like to keep up with the trends while still remaining classic in each and every piece I invest in, and these closet staples definitely accomplish that.
I mentioned this one my snapchat a few days ago, but never got around to sharing the news with you guys!  J and I are SO excited to announce that we have officially hired our first For All Things Lovely team member!  This is such a big + exciting step for us as we focus on taking FATL to the next level and what that looks like for the future of our blog.  I have so many post ideas, series + guides, and graphics in my head on a daily basis that I sometimes struggle to bring to life.  Whether it be a lack of time or knowledge, this will allow me to be the brains behind the operation, while still being able to focus on the business aspect of FATL.  I always want to create unique, creative, and inspiring content each and every day, so – we’ve hired a creative director!  I’ve worked with Bonnie (a super talented, insanely kind, go-getting badass) for a couple of years now on different projects and we are so excited to bring her on board as our first official hire of the For All Things Lovely team!  Without a doubt – together, we will create amazing things for FATL and I can’t wait to share it all with you!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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