For today’s Lovely Edit, I wanted to share a comfortable travel outfit, as well as a few of my travel necessities.  I won’t go on and on about all of them, but I’ll hit a few highlights:
1. For starters, I can’t go anywhere without my La Mer skincare.  It’s become quite the expensive little must-have for my beauty routine, but I don’t spend a lot of money on makeup or hair products, so I justify it that way.  Plus, I know that it will be so beneficial later in life and I’ll be glad I took such great care of my skin one day.  I literally can’t lay down at night without completing my nightly routine – I even took it all with me to Haiti, haha!  That’s commitment.
2. I’ve fallen madly in love with these Prada flats.  They are so chic, so comfortable, and go with almost anything.  I have worn them SO much since getting them a couple of months ago and that always makes me feel so much better about investing in designer items.  They’re perfect for airport style, too, since they’re slip ons!
3. I love traveling with a candle that I currently burn at home.  There’s just something about it that feels so comforting and makes a hotel room feel cozy.  If you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you know that I light candles each and every morning + night at home, so having one with me when I travel is so homey.
4. I’ve had my eye on this Gucci handbag for a month or so now, and although I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, I’m SO obsessed with it.  I love the mix of brown and black + it’s so classic.  What do you guys think – should I do it?!
5. Silk.  Is there anything more luxurious?!  Okay, maybe cashmere is equally as amazing, but I’ve been sleeping on this silk pillowcase for months now and absolutely love it.  I’ll be honest, I don’t use a sleep mask, mostly because I’m a little too claustrophobic for that, but I love the idea of them.  So Blair on Gossip Girl.
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.
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