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Happy Friday, lovelies – 
I hope you all had a great week!  Between settling in after returning from Haiti + the MASSIVE amount of rain we’ve had this week, I thought I would post something a little different today!  We’ve been working so hard on finishing up the last few details of redecorating our bedroom, so I feel like I’ve been cheating on fashion with furniture…again.  Each and every time I decide to tackle a room-redo, I feel like it literally consumes my mind!  I get so wrapped up in finding the perfect details, complimenting colors, and cozy accent pieces, that I can’t even think about anything else for a couple of weeks.  So anyway, all of that to say that a lot of the things I’m ‘currently loving’ are sort of random (and mostly home decor), BUT nonetheless amazing!  And the others are fashion + beauty finds that I loooove!  So here we go –
Home Favorites:
1. Horse Print.  As most of you probably know, John and I have a love for horses and anything equestrian.  Not in a super southern, tacky kind of way, but more of a ‘french farmhouse’ way, which has been the theme of our decor while redecorating.  (We also have thisthis, and this print in other rooms of our home.)  While planning what type of art we wanted to make our bedroom feel quaint + cozy, I came across this horse print and fell in love.  Kevin Russ is one of our favorite artists/photographers and I thought it was perfect for our space.  I had it framed in the distressed, white barnwood frame and can’t wait to show you the finished product!
2. Decorative Trays.  Throughout our home, I’ve added a few of these white, lacquer trays and they are perfect for adding a little something extra to your decor.  Whether you’re using it as a serving tray, a candle holder, a jewelry organizer, or for breakfast in bed, they’re so perfect!  I also have one of the clear, acrylic trays and one of the wood + lacquer trays, which is super cozy.  
3. Texture.  Just texture in general.  One thing I really wanted for our bedroom was to purchase classic furniture pieces that we would love for years to come, and add in the ‘french’ + ‘rustic’ decor with pillowsthrows, and accessories.  I’ve been obsessing over anything that’s braided, woven, cashmere, or soft linen – almost to the point where I’m never going to want to leave our little space!  Whether it be a blanket you curl up with or a rug in between your toes, I love for it to have a soft, cozy feeling.
4. Scents.  You all know how much I LOVE my ‘Prosecco’ Diffusers that I constantly rave about.  (Oh, and word on the street is that they’re coming out with a ‘black champagne’ for the holidays and I couldn’t be more excited!)  I seriously love, love, love walking in our front door and that being the first thing I smell.  Plus, if you feel like you’re not smelling it as much after a couple of weeks, all you have to do is rotate the sticks and it’s smells brand new again.  I’m not kidding when I say I have one in every room – I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the scent.  Thisthis, this, and this are some of my other favorites around the house.
5. Dyson Fan.  So yes, this is probably the most random of them all, but this fan is nothing short of amazing.  Long story short, John and I both like for our room to be pretty chilly at night while we’re sleeping.  We usually turn the air down and the ceiling fan on so we can curl up together and feel super cozy without waking up because it’s too stuffy during the night.  Well, I’ve always wanted a chandelier in our bedroom which proposed an issue with how we’re going to stay cool at night.  We saw this Dyson fan one day while out shopping and died over it.  Fans can be an eye sore in a room and this was such a modern, kid/dog friendly version of that!  And – drum roll please – it’s also a HEATER!  So, because I love front porch sitting so much, we thought it would be perfect to take outside during the cooler months.  It’s a little on the pricey side, yes, but totally worth every penny in our opinion!  And the best part is, it matches our decor!
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Style + Beauty:
1. Unscented Lotion.  It’s kind of an obsession I have in that I have to, have to lather up with lotion after a bath or shower.  As I’m sure you’ve heard me say before, my skin is super dry, so I always want to make sure I’m keeping it moisturized.  However, I’m kind of odd because I don’t love a super scented smell to stay on my body all day.  Between lotion, hair products, and perfume, you can start to smell overly fragrant and sometimes that gives me a major migraine.  So I decided to try this lotion while it was part of the #Nsale and I’ve fallen in love with it.  It’s heavy enough to make your skin not feel dry, but not too thick, and the best part- unscented.  If you struggle with dry, itchy, or flaky skin, especially with colder months around the corner, you should definitely give this lotion a try!
2. Camo.  Since I can remember, I’ve always loved camo.  I don’t know if it’s because I live in the south (let’s hope not), or if it’s because it’s a combination of all my favorite neutrals (yeah, we’ll go with that), but I looove it.  My camo jacket just came back in stock and THIS ONE is so chic, too.  Camo is so perfect for transitioning into Fall and definitely one of my favorite prints for a neutral pattern play.  I also love this skirtthese jeans, and this fun take on a floral shirtdress.
3. Classic White.  In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a classic white top.  It literally goes with anything, can be worn in any season, and never goes out of style.  I bought a shirt similar to this one a couple of years ago that I absolutely loved, so I was so happy to find this one for Fall!  The tiered hem is so cute and I love the flowy fabric.  This tee and these sweatpants are also two of my favorites from the SJ line!
4. La Mer Sunscreen.  Before we left for Haiti, I knew I had to get something that would protect my skin while we were in the sun all day.  I also knew that because you sweat like crazy over there (it’s not pretty I know, but it’s inevitable) that my skin would probably be irritated or broken out from perspiring so much.  So, I wanted something that could double as a moisturizer and a sunscreen that wouldn’t be too ‘out of the norm’ for my skin.  This La Mer sunscreen is complete perfection!  It smells great, protected my skin, wasn’t sticky at all like some sunscreen is, and it’s also anti-aging.  Once again, La Mer never lets me down!
5. Shoulder Cut-Outs.  I’ve always been a fan of a chic cut-out, but this is one of my favorite trends.  This romper is so, so cute and this dress is perfect for transiting into Fall.  It’s the perfect way to purchase classic pieces while still staying on trend and current while showing a little skin in an area that’s not super risqué.  Also, how cute is this striped, ruffle shirt?!  So many fun options right now!
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I hope you all have a great weekend!  We’re going to work on a few things around the house, celebrate J’s bday with a few friends tonight (it was while we were in Haiti!) and enjoy our time in town before heading off on the next adventure soon!
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.


Belle Mari

Sometimes all those beauty product scents build up and become just too much and give me a headache too! I've tried to find an unscented lotion I really like for a while, but haven't found just the right one yet. I'll have to give your suggestion a try! Thanks!


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