FIVE Things to do for SUMMER

If you’re anything like me, there’s nothing better than a long, beautiful Summer day.  Growing up there was nothing I would rather do then be outside all day, especially by the water, and soak up the sunshine.  As I’ve gotten older, I always look for an excuse to take a little getaway or play hookie from work to indulge in some of my favorite things.  Here are a few things that make my world go ’round for Summer:
1. Be by the water, always.
Whether it be the ocean, the lake, or the pool, my happiest place on earth is by the water.  I love to work on my tan while listening to music, chatting with my girlfriends, and sipping on something cold.  There’s something about sweating that’s healing for me – it makes me feel like I’m shedding anything negative or something I’m currently struggling with in life and just letting it all out.  And of course, when that gets to be a little too much, you cool off in the water for a little refresher.  Salt water or fresh water, all of it is complete paradise to me.
2. Grill out.
There’s nothing better than getting together with your family and friends for an outdoor dinner.  After a long day, there’s just something about coming together and laughing around the table while enjoying a delicious meal.  My favorite things that come to mind: Grilled hamburgers, fresh lemonade, delicious veggies, and watermelon.  All of those things (and more) are such Summer staples for having a cookout.
3.Indulge in your favorite thing.
Although there’s a time and a place for everything, indulging is a part of life.  A great part, might I add and Summer just feels like the perfect excuse to not be so uptight.  For me, I love meeting up with a girlfriend for lunch, sitting outside and having a mid-day glass of rosè.  Or laying out by the lake, sitting on the beach, or heading to the pool with a cocktail in hand.  It’s so refreshing and I mean, it’s always 5:00 somewhere right?  
4. Clothing Optional.
Okay, so not really, but I love how minimal dressing becomes when the sun is shining.  If I’m not in a swimsuit by the water, you can typically find me in a pair of cut offs and a tank top.  Just yesterday when we came off the lake to go to lunch, we just slid into our jean shorts and threw on a tank and we were golden for a casual lunch outside.  I typically run around our house (and my friends houses) barefoot, just like a five year old.  As much as I love a killer pair of shoes, there’s nothing like being barefoot!  (Wait, maybe that’s a southern thing?!) I just love that everything is so minimalistic in the warmer months.  No layering, no socks and shoes, no heavy coats, just easy going and carefree.
5. Warm, Long Days.
Because I work from home, you can usually find me working from the front porch with our sweet pups by my side.  It allows them to play outside and bask in the sunshine, while I answer emails, prepare blog posts, and take conference calls.  However, when all of our work is done for the day and J is headed home, I love that it’s still light outside until around 9PM.  We love having friends over and cooking, sitting on the front porch with a glass of wine, or even heading downtown for happy hour or dinner with our family.  I feel much more accomplished when the days are longer and you can fit a lot into your day.  Unlike the Fall and Winter months when the time changes and it begins to get dark right when you’re closing your computer for the day.  Yes, there’s a season for everything, but there’s just something I love about a long, sunny day.
Since we’re always on the go, especially in the Summertime, I just thought I would share some of my favorite things about life right now with you!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow, as EARLY as possible, for my NORDSTROM SALE early access and a big GIVEAWAY that you’re not going to want to miss out on!
Thanks so much for stopping by! xx.


J. Ellarie

Your 5 fave things for summer is spot on! Nothing makes me happier than what you said. Summer is my fave season–I could have summer all year long! (I am from and live on Long Island) Obviously growing up surrounded by water, I feel the same way. And don't even get me started on BBQs! Whenever I smell someone grilling, it just reminds me of happy times in the summer. Love this post!


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