How To: Care for Designer Items


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE the packaging of an item just as much as I love the ACTUAL item.  I’m also super OCD about taking care of the pieces I choose to invest in for my closet.  Everything from the box to the dust bag to the paper stuffing – I keep it all.  Not only do I want to keep my items like new, but because they are such classic, staple pieces, I also want to make sure they’ll last for years to come.  After a few questions on snapchat and instagram about how I keep my accessories in pristine condition, I thought I would share a few tips + tricks with you that I’ve learned along the way!

1. First things first, always, ALWAYS save your receipts and tags.  I like to keep all of my paperwork in one place, so that it’s easily accessible should I ever need to locate it.  Find an empty shoe or handbag box that’s easy to store and every time you make a purchase, put the receipt in your box.  I also like to save certain tags that may have a barcode or price detail on them just in case anything ever happens to the item or you decide to sell it one day.  Original packaging and tags is everything when it comes to investment pieces!
2. Stuff your shoes.  Whether you purchase online or in the store, your shoes almost always come stuffed with tissue paper.  Most people throw the paper away, but if you leave it in the shoe (or handbag), it actually helps them keep their shape.  Also, for pointy toe shoes, keeping the paper in the toe box helps to keep it stretched out when you’re not wearing them so that they’re not super stiff when you put them back on.  (Side note: I also keep the paper in my shoes while traveling, too.  And ALWAYS use separate dust bags – more on that below!)
3. Always, always, always wipe your shoes out after you wear them.  Even if it’s late, even if you’ve had one too many drinks – wipe. them. out.  When I bought my very first pair of Valentino pumps, I noticed that every time I took them off, they had little, black spots inside them from dirt and dust while walking.  Baby wipes are key when it comes to keeping your shoes clean and in great condition.  I use Pampers Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin (make sure they are ALCOHOL FREE) and you can pick them up at any local drug or grocery store.  My Louboutins above are almost three years old and I wear them all the time, but you would never know it!
4. Keep your bags stuffed, with the straps on the inside.  When I’m not using a handbag or travel bag, I always like to keep them stuffed to help keep their shape.  I keep my Louis Vuitton Duffle stuffed with down, feather pillows (since it would take A LOT of paper) and sit it on top of it’s dust bag in my closet.  It’s something that I like to keep out, rather than tucked away, simply because it’s one of my absolute favorite things I own.  It was always one of those ‘dream purchases’, so seeing it every day is a perfect reminder to constantly pursue what you’re passionate about.  I love the quote “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.”  Similar to shoes, I also keep my handbags with the original tissue paper in them (and obviously remove it when I use the bag) and if detachable, roll the strap to fit inside the bag.  Sometimes straps can get kinks in them, or get caught in drawers while opening and closing, so the easiest thing to do is place the strap inside for safe keeping.
5. Showcase your items, but in safe places.  Most of the time, I like to keep my accessories stuffed, in their dust bags and tucked away in a drawer for safe keeping.  However, as I move things around in my closet, sometimes I like to showcase newer items on tables and shelves.  Leaving them out means they are susceptible to dust, pet hair, spills, sun damage/fading, etc.  Make sure your items are kept in a neat, clean, and dry place where they won’t be easily harmed.  (Side note: Also part of keeping your handbags safe – never sit your bag on the floor when you’re out!  Use the back of your chair, an empty seat beside you or place it on the seat behind your back, but never on the ground! #anxiety #nobutreally #toldyouIwasOCD) 
6. Dust bags, dust bags, dust bags.  When traveling, dust bags for shoes and handbags are a necessity for organization and protection, but they’re great for using as storage at home, too.  My shoes live on floating, white shelves in my closet, but my handbags are typically tucked away in a dresser drawer.  Whether your handbags are leather, calf hair, or suede, it really helps to keep them in perfect condition.  Also while traveling, I ALWAYS put my shoes in separate shoe bags.  Never let them rub up against one another in the same bag, especially while your suitcase is being thrown around in an airport.  If you purchase designer shoes directly from the store, they will almost always give you a second bag if you request one.  If you order online like I usually do, you may have to use a shoe bag from another pair until you build your collection and have multiples of the same designer.  (Side note: When traveling, always unpack your shoes and handbags as soon as you arrive to your destination!  Never let them stay stuffed in a suitcase or tote bag if you can help it!)
White Side Table (in my closet)
Louis Vuitton ‘Pochette’ Handbag
Louis Vuitton ’55’ Keepall Duffle Bag
Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag (Large)
Vintage Hèrmes Scarf
Mannequin (aka, Mannie)
White Jeans
David Yurman Ring (in Champagne Citrine)
Feel free to leave any questions below or on instagram!  Also, let me know if you want to see any other posts similar to this one or if you have suggestions on more how-to’s!

Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.

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Loved this post! I will be moving and shifting my designer items around (and putting some on display!) Thank you for the tips! Also, what color is your Yurman ring? Thank you! 🙂


Wow! LOVED this guide, Megan! I'm taking my time to begin to invest in pieces myself and I'll definitely be saving these tips! xo


I definitely enjoyed this post! I would love to see how you keep your clothes organized and how often you clean out your closet. I really love to get rid of things I don't use now haha! -Anne

Lauren Nowaczyk

Loved this post! I love to get a BTS look at closets and collections! This post was so helpful for those of us just starting to invest in staple pieces-great tips to keep everything in pristine condition. Thank you megan! 🙂

Hannah McDonnell

Seriously, such a fabulous post! I always wondered how all the bloggers keep their luxury items looking so nice! Thank you so much for the advice!

Jaime Wasser

Which LV bag is the bag you show where your stuffing the strap inside? Love that one and LOVE this post!


Megan Moreland

Thank you for the great tips! As a follow up question, do you have any tips for protecting the heels and soles of your designer shoes? I've had my eye on a pair of Loub's for quite some time, but I'm hesitant to get them because I'm afraid they will get scuffed too quickly from walking on pavement and parking garages. Any tips you have would be great! Thank you!

Meg Moreland


Hi Megan! I actually LOVE the look of a worn Louboutin and don't cover my soles with anything. But, I know some people put a red or clear covering over the bottoms to protect them, so that's always an option if you're worried about it! For me, I just think a worn bottom means that you wear them and love them! Oh, and all CLs come with extra taps for the heels, so no worries there! Hope that helps! xx.


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