The Perfect Travel Outfit

Knowing what to wear while traveling can sometimes be tough depending on the weather, destination, or time of day, but I’ve created a fool proof outfit for any of those obstacles.  Your outfit can either slow down the process of running through an airport, or make it way more conveinant.  I’ve rounded up with six staple pieces that will not only help build your closet, but make traveling a breeze!
1. SKINNY JEANS.  Skinnies are perfect for almost anything, but they’re ideal for traveling.  Not quite as casual as leggings, but just as comfortable if you get your hands on the right pair.  Plus, once you arrive to your destination, you can keep them on rotation.  If you’re anything like me (i.e. – the post below), you wear white denim year around!
2. CHAMBRAY.  I absolutely love the casual, yet chic look of a boyfriend chambray top.  It pairs perfectly with black or white denim (or regular denim for that matter), and if you’re headed somewhere tropical, it can double for a swimsuit cover up.  Being able to roll the sleeves up or down is a necessity depending on the temperature of your flight, and nice for when you arrive to your {hot or cold) destination.  You can also layer this with a white tank underneath for additional warmth, or for stripping off your Chambray layer if your headed to a warm weather getaway. 
3. Layering a SCARF.  Depending on the weather, you can go the travel wrap, cashmere route or the light-weight, patterned route.  Either way, a scarf adds the perfect layer to a travel look.  Since the top two pieces (white denim + chambray) are neutral, you can use this piece to add a pop of color or a fun pattern to your outfit.  Plus, a scarf can always double for a blanket on your flight, and that’s a major bonus!
4. SANDALS.  (Or flats/booties, depending on your destination) Although some of my favorite shoes are either lace ups or high heeled, I always steer clear of those while traveling.  While going through TSA, taking your shoes on and off in a busy line of people can be tough.  Having a slip-on sandal or something that’s easily buckled is best for getting to your gate quickly and easily.  If you want to wear a heel or lace up shoe, throw a pair of thong sandals into your handbag and change into something a little dressier once you get to your gate.
5. A chic HAT.  Now obviously, if you’re traveling to a cold weather destination, you can swap this straw fedora for a wool, floppy hat or a beanie, but either way you’ll be glad to have a hat with you!  When I’m packing more than one hat (which I usually am), I always keep a neutral one with me that I think I’ll get the most use out of.  Wear it while running through the airport and then toss it on top of your carry on or handbag once you take your seat on the plane.  And if you’re headed somewhere warm, try to double your beach hat as something you can also wear with your sundress at night, like the this one!
6. An oversized HANDBAG.  If you’re anything like me, when you travel – everything ends up in your handbag.  I find everything from boarding passes and receipts to my bottled water and cliff bar wrapper.  (Sidenote- is anyone else as obsessed with Cliff Bars as I am?!)  Anyway, having a large handbag that can not only fit all of your necessities, but organize them well, is SO helpful.  Simple things like side pockets or a zippered pouch can make your life way easier when digging for something you need on the fly.  And let’s be serious, who wouldn’t want to travel with this gorg Chloè bag?!
In my opinion, you can never go wrong with investing in classic, staple pieces for your closet and if you can wear them while traveling, that’s just the cherry on top!  I hope these tips have been helpful and feel free to leave any questions or comment below! 
Thanks so much for stopping by, xx.

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