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A Day in the Life
This past Saturday, John and I had the best day.  No specific plans, we just slept in, enjoyed our morning with each other, got dressed for the day and ran a couple of errands.  So I started thinking about everything I did that day and how perfect it was, and came up with this idea for a fun blog post.  Here are the details that make up a few of my favorite moments throughout the day:
1. White Keurig | Coffee Mug – Starting the day with coffee is a no brainer.  I probably drink way more caffeine than I should, but there’s just something so comforting about having a warm drink in your hand.  You’ll usually find me with a coffee in one hand and my iPhone in the other…pretty much all day.
2. Clarisonic | LA MER Moisturizer | Toothbrush | Nailpolish – Freshening up first thing in the morning just starts your day on the right foot.  It also really helps me wake up to wash + moisturize my face and brush my teeth.
3. Laptop | Headphones – I love sitting down on the couch with my sweet pups to check out everyone’s daily blog post.  Obviously being a fashion blogger myself, I have a long list of favorites that I read daily, but I also love supporting my girlfriends.  I’ve made so many amazing friends through blogging and only want to encourage and uplift them.  I’m all about empowering each other. #getitgirl.
4. Fedora | Jeans | Booties | Crossbody | Studs | Blush Top – My favorite combination of colors, for sure.  The soft color palette + comfortable accessories make for the perfect outfit to run around town in. {See my similar instagram post from the weekend here}
5. A weekly flower run is definitely one of my favorite pick-me-ups.  It was one of my new years resolutions last year (2013) to always have fresh flowers on our buffet table when you walk in the  front door and it’s made our home so much prettier ever since.  And a little extra caffeine never hurt anyone!  My Starbucks order is either a White Chocolate Mocha or a Marble Macchiato with skim milk + no whip cream.  I guess the low-fat milk makes me feel a little healthier and not so bad about the chocolate!
6. Bath Oil | Cozy Robe – Last, but not least, a bubble bath.  I love, love, love taking a bath at the end of the day and getting clean before climbing into bed.  Plus, a little Prosecco to cool you off during a hot bath is just the cherry on top of an already amazing day!
Thanks so much for stopping by, x.


Simply Sabrina

What a perfect day! I love my clarisonic – my face never feels the same without it!
–Also I love the idea of flower runs, I need to find a fresh flower stand near me as opposed to inside of a grocery store.

x. Sabrina // Simply Sabrina


I enjoyed this post a lot—it's always fun to see what others enjoy doing or what goes on behind the scenes. I'm planning on getting a Clarisonic and also *love* that pink electric toothbrush!


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