Busy, Busy!


 Good Morning Dolls,

So, with this Summer being so crazy busy, J and I have not had a Vacation yet!  When I was young, my family went on Vacation the same time every year so it was always something we counted down the days for.  Since I’ve been married we’ve branched out a little and done different things each year–we’ve gone with my family, his family and then this year was Haiti (far from a vacay, but still a week off work).  So, since we weren’t getting to do the typical thing this year, I decided to surprise J for his Birthday and book a long weekend in Charleston.  You’ve probably heard me say this before, but Charleston is our love place. 🙂 While dating, we used to sneak off there every chance we got and we do the same thing now!  Our plan is to get in as much beach time as possible (praying the rain holds off!), eat like crazy at our fave restaurants and go SAILING–that was J’s big Birthday surprise!  I’ve chartered a sailboat for the day on Saturday and I absolutely cannot wait.  We’ve never been sailing before so this should definitely be fun. 🙂  I’ll take lots of photos and post them when we return!  So I’m spending today working and  packing–which oddly is one of my favorite things to do simply because it usually means there’s something exciting coming!  
And for some reason this is always what my bag looks like!?  We girls have to pack options, right?  🙂

Have a lovely day!


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