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Happy Tuesday!
Good Morning Lovelies!  I hope you all had a great weekend! I’m sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, J and I decided to take a little getaway to Charleston since we had a long weekend, so I was roaming the streets and shopping on King yesterday not thinking for one minute about posting a blog! We laughed and ate so much on our trip and had such an amazing time.  I’ll post photos later this week!  Let’s jump right in today—One of my favorite things to do is entertain.  I love having family and friends over whether it be for dinner, coffee after a night out or a late night movie.  Like I’m sure I’ve said before, home is my favorite place to be and enjoy sharing it with the people I love.  Sometimes, an intimate setting in a friend’s home makes for a much better date night.  I also love to be entertained.  I really enjoy spending time at friends/families homes, it allows you to learn more about someone and opens you up to a little bit of their everyday life.  I always try to have a little “surci” as we like to call it (or gift) for the Hostess.  It’s just a nice way to let them know you appreciate them inviting you over and gives them something for entertaining friends the next time!  I love all of the fancy items that fall under the “kitchen category” so normally that’s my go to gift for others as well.  Nothing makes you feel better when you’ve created a tasty meal than having beautiful platters to sit the food on and lovely pieces to serve with.  This is definitely not a must, just something I like to do.  When you frequent a friend or family members home often and feel comfortable around them, it’s definitely not expected, but nevertheless thoughtful to do occasionally.  Here are a few gifts that any hostess would adore:
Monogram Candle:
Set of Coasters:
Antique-Silver Drink Coasters, Set of 4
Monogrammed Guest Towels:
Set of Glasses:
Stemless Flute Glasses, Set of 6
Antique-Silver Spreaders, Set of 2
Soap Set:
Monogrammed Soaps, Set of 6
Classic Vase:
You can purchase any of these lovely gifts here.
Personalizing gifts make them extra special and thoughtful.  Don’t be afraid to show a little appreciation with a “just beacuse” gift too–Make someone’s day with a sweet gift simply because you love them. 🙂
Have a fun day!

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