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Happy Monday Morning Loves!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  How amazing were the Oscar’s last night??  Some of those dresses were to die for!  I’ll post a few of my faves later this week.  Today I wanted to do a post on Healthy Snacks.  Most people immediately turn to chips and cookies for a quick snack, but those things can be so bad for you and your metabolism.  Snacks are not meant to be “mini meals” they are supposed to tide you over until your next meal.  Snacks help to prevent overeatting at meal time.  Everyone is different, but I snack all day long– It helps me stay satisfied.  If I decide to not eat, that’s when I usually make the worst diet decisions because I’m starving!  So instead of starving yourself between meals, have a nutritious snack.  Here are a few healthy options for your day:
 Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack
Hummus & Veggies- Hummus is rich in protein and fiber, so it keeps you feeling full!

Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack
Greek Yogurt- This is a great snack.  If your yogurt is plain, add a little honey with your favorite fruit or sliced almonds.  This also has a lot of calcium!

Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack
Apple & String Cheese- Have a piece of fruit with a side of cheesy protein.  This will help you stay satisfied “helps to adjust your bodies fat-burning machine” according to Web MD.

Slim Tip: Surviving the Snack Attack
This is my favorite type of snack.  1 graham cracker with a little cream cheese spread over the top and 8 grapes cut in halves.  Yum!

I always feel much better when I’ve eaten healthy.  It gives me more energy and helps me stay on track for the next day.  I hope you all have a great Monday!!


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